Reproduction of the metal cap badge for u-boat service.
Stamped brass construction.
Can be either pinned on with double prongs or has eyelets for sewing on.
Size is 1 3/4 x 1 inch.
This badge was used by many u-boats.

u-97, 1940-43 sunk in the mediterranean sea 16 july 43 by aircraft last co kapt. lt. troy.
u-267 1942-45 scuttled 5 april 45 last co ober lt. knieper.
u-416 1942-44 sunk by collision on 12 dec 44, last co was ober lt. rieger.
u-708 1942 -45 training boat scuttled on 5 march 45, last co ober lt kuhn


Listing is for one badge, stock photos show front and back 

Reproduction WW2 German U-Boat cap badge u-97 Variant Seahorse